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Clear Mortgage Accelerator

The Smarter Way to Finance Real Estate and Fund Your Future

The Clear Mortgage Accelerator combines the first mortgage and checking into one account. The mortgage is a line of credit that also works as a checking account. The line of credit is the maximum funds available to use and the credit line is available for 30 years. The draw amount or balance is the principal balance due on your home. Checking is performed just as today with income(s) deposited and bills paid by bill payer service, check, debit card or cash.

By using the Clear Mortgage Accelerator, you can lower your loan's principal faster and in doing so, save tens of thousands of dollars in valuable interest. Best of all, the Clear Mortgage Accelerator provides flexible access to your home's equity dollars for 30 years without forcing you to refinance. It's flexible, easy to use and will change the way you think about mortgages and your money.

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